Book Sale

By: Jared Capozza

          The Emily Dickinson chapter of the National English Honor Society is holding a book sale October 29th in the Seton LaSalle cafeteria in order to raise money to sponsor a field trip to an art museum or play.  The students have been organizing for the past couple weeks to make the event happen.  All kinds of books, ranging from Fiction to Literature Studies, are going to be on sale.  The hope is that enough books will be sold to take a field trip to a museum; play; etc, or to shave off a large portion of the cost to the students.  Mr. John Manear, the moderator for NEHS, said that trips can range from something as small as going to the Carnegie Art Museum in Pittsburgh to a large, possibly overnight, trip to Washington D.C.  

          The NEHS is relatively new to Seton LaSalle, only having gained a chapter around six years ago.  Because of this, there has not been much time for those belonging to the society to organize anything or really get anything done.  It has more or less been something where the student belongs to it and it looks good on a college application.  However, this year that has changed.  This year is the first year that NEHS has actually had an elected board of student officers (President: Ryan Kendrick, Vice President: Robert Gigliotti, Secretary: Christopher Stack, Treasurer: Hannah Kendrick), leading to the students wanting to be more active within the school  According to President Ryan Kendrick, “Because this is the first year we have been organized and have a board of officers, we decided NEHS should be more active in the school community and hold events.”  The decision to be more active started with attempting to plan a Halloween themed event; either a dance or some type of Haunted Hallways.  However, Cross Country already had something scheduled that day and that would cause interference.  So, the students went back to the drawing board and after some deliberation, came up with the idea of a book sale.  Mr. Manear had a multitude of books, both new and old, that he was no longer employing for use so the best idea was to sell them and make a profit for NEHS.  Other teachers, mainly in the English department are also getting involved by donating books.  However, it doesn’t matter who donates books and the option is open to all who want to participate. Ryan also says he hopes this becomes an annual event and that it allows NEHS to continue to grow its presence at Seton LaSalle.  

          This event is extremely beneficial because of all its benefits.  The NEHS is able to gain funds out of this so that they can go on a field trip to attend a play or visit a museum, both of which are educational and English related.  Furthermore, it reduces the amount of books Mr. Manear has laying around, and allows others to put them to use. Finally, all of the books that do not sell will be donated to various places, possibly to prisoners, area libraries, etc.  The NEHS is very excited about this event and hopes that all can come buy books to fund the much looked forward to field trip.

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