Bishop Zubik Becomes a Rebel

By: Jared Capozza

Bishop David Zubik visited Seton LaSalle High School on Monday January 23rd to continue his tour of the secondary schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  He has been visiting all of the twelve high schools in the diocese in order to get a better feeling of what it is like to be a student in these schools, as well as taking a look at what is going on in the schools in general.  While at the schools, he has been visiting different classrooms, posing as a student to grasp what it is that they do, as well as partaking in the celebration of the liturgy.  

While at Seton LaSalle, he visited various classes such as AP Literature,/Composition, Religion, Latin, Algebra, and Biology.  He was also able to celebrate mass with the students, giving a special surprise at the end; a free day off of school!  The diocesan school system is set up like any other school district, just larger.

There’s elementary and high schools, with superintendent Michael Latusek presiding over all of them.  The bishop, though, is the head of all of  the diocese, making him the superintendent’s boss.  Because of this, he has the power to give us a free day off, which he did after mass ended.  In fact, it is actually a tradition for the bishop to give schools a free day off whenever they visit.  After he gave us the day off, the next task was figuring out when the exact date of the day off would be.  The proposed dates for the day off are February 17 (President’s Day Weekend); March 3, 10, or 17 (No breaks after President’s Day until Easter); and May 15 (Monday before Senior Exams).  There is also an option for students and faculty to write in dates that they think would be a good fit.

Besides coming in to see what it is like to be a student, he also visited to supplement On Mission For the Church Alive, a program that is attempting to keep the diocese alive and vibrant.  The diocese began this program by asking parishioners what they thought about the diocese, as well as what needed to be changed.  When the results came back, though, they realized that there was no feedback from the teenage age bracket.  So, Bishop Zubik visited to see what students thought of Seton LaSalle as well as the diocese as a whole.  Furthermore on March 15, Dr. Linda Ritzer, the diocesan spokesperson for On Mission For the Church Alive, is coming to visit Seton LaSalle to follow up on Bishop Zubik’s visit.  


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