Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

By: Cecilia Bashaw

Sixth period sophomore Honors English class is presenting Bang, Bang, You’re Dead on January 4th. The performance will take place at the Seton-La Salle auditorium at seven o’clock in the evening and there is no admission fee. Josh, a seventeen year-old boy, has just murdered seven people whom he saw daily. He is being detained in a jail cell when his subconscious takes over and makes him understand the gravity of what he has done. He recounts the events that led him to commit such a serious crime with his five deceased classmates, who he killed the previous day. This dramatic play shows the aftermath of bullying and how much it can affect a single person. Josh comes to terms with the guilt of taking the lives of others through a chain of psychological events. The sixth period English class is extremely excited to put their hard work on stage for everyone. As a class, they hope to give a very powerful performance that will entertain their audience. Please come and enjoy the show!

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