Band Members Take Over Panera Bread

Normally the VIP room at Panera Bread is used for sitting down and talking civilly to people, but not for the dedicated senior members of the Rebel Band who met at Panera Bread Sunday evening from 5-7pm to work out details for this Fridays band senior rec halftime show.

“It was awkward and fun at the same time,” said clarinet section leader Peter Latorre. Both a group of customers and employees of Panera gazed into the closed VIP room as they noticed a group of teenagers marching around.

A loyalty ambassador of the South Park Shop location, Nicole Venturino, said “I just wasn’t sure why they were dancing in the VIP room.” The musicians of the band were working furiously on their routine for Friday as they moved the tables around and were making a full dance routine.

The manager in charge, Kayla, had this to say when a band member asked what she had thought: “It brought entertainment to our store. You guys were really well behaved and honestly if one of our workers didn’t see you guys we wouldn’t have even noticed you guys back there.”

The band brightened the day of employees at Panera leaving a zone leader, Kevin Parlak saying “That was awesome and it made my day that much better,” and consolidator Nick Fischer felt that, “It brought a little ball of joy to my day.”

The meeting at Panera was incredibly successful as Megan and Mallory Murphy, both flute players, thought “It was pretty shaky but then we came out solid like a cross.”  All of the seniors there left knowing what  routines they will be doing for each of their special, senior picked songs. The entire band will be featuring the seniors and all of their hard work at this Friday’s game against South Fayette at Baldwin’s field during halftime. Don’t miss it.

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