Band 2017

By: Skyler Wrubleski – 

And the band said:”

          “Soli Deo Gloria

The circle was formed by the various instrumental musicians. The darkness of the nighttime sky is washed away by the gleaming lights of the football field. A few stars can be seen, but these observations are few and far between.

Screams and cries echo through the night; the sound is radiating from Seton LaSalle and the opposing team. It’s almost a battle between the crowds- Seton LaSalle always prevailing. With the admiration from the stands and the musicians, the football team is sure to journey home with another win.

The band staggers into formation. They make their way to the 50 yard mark, just facing the opposite side of the bleachers. The football game is still in session- just a few remaining seconds counting down on the clock.






The score is 21-7, Seton LaSalle in the lead. The band quietly gets into their halftime setup with swiftness and precision. The sound of the drum major’s whistle silences the crowd.

Seton LaSalle Band.”

       “Up, two, three, four.”  

The cadence from the drumline now surrounds the field. The band marches in unison along the turf. They continue to march until they arrive at their required destination. Once more, the whistles are heard.

Two, Three, kick, down.”

Only silence is heard throughout the football field now. The bleachers’ noise diminishes; the spectators await patiently.

Prep horns up and…

With count off following close behind, the band begins to play their halftime routine. The first song to be played is Separate Ways. The following song is Any Way You Want It. The final song to be played for their halftime show is Don’t Stop Believing. All of these songs are highlights from Journey. Accompanying the band are the Seton LaSalle Silks and Rebelettes.

After the band completes their halftime show, they march off the field to the sound of the cadence. Here, they will await the next band to perform their halftime routine.

During the game, the band will play songs known as Bleacher Features. Some Bleacher Features include, Carry On My Wayward Son, Land of 1,000 Dances, Tequila, and Danger Zone. The many Rebel Cheers are also played throughout the games.

Although Marching Band season is emphasised, Jazz Band and Concert Band are also available at Seton LaSalle. These bands are led by their new band director, Kevin Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a seasoned band director. He has dedicated 36 years into various school bands.

During the marching band season, the band will also participate in parades, such as the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. They also go on annual band trips, this years being a tour of the Erie Coastline. In previous years, they traveled out of state, including Disney World Orlando, Florida.

A huge thank you to Allison Williams and Henry Metzger for leading us on the field. You are amazing both on and off the field. Best wishes next year. Congratulations to the Seton LaSalle Rebel Marching Band Drum Majors of 2017-2018.

(The highlights of this article were taken from last Friday’s football game at Deer Lakes.)

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