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Dear Liz, my first quarter grades were not what I expected them to be. I don’t want this to affect my whole year and GPA…. what can I do? Sincerely, Down and Out.


Dear Down and Out,

Don’t worry! Although you will not be able to be perfect. I have a few simple ideas that could help you!

  • Start Fresh. Okay, you didn’t do too well in the first quarter, or as well as you would have liked, but the good news is you have 3 more! If you forget about the first quarter and start strong this one, you will be fine!

  • USE YOUR PLANNER. It will help you keep organized, and make sure you don’t forget anything simple. It can also help you keep track of long term projects.

  • It is as simple as STUDYING. even if it is 10 minutes of reviewing your notes a night. Study something every night.

  • Don’t  be afraid to ASK for help. You can ask many people. Teachers will mostly be helpful and do what they can to help you. You can ask a friend also. Lastly, don’t be afraid to go ask for help in the Academic Support Center. Student tutors are there all the time.

  • Lastly, ask for extra credit. Some teachers don’t do extra credit at all, but some will help you out a little if you do all your work. Some have assignments you can do, and some will give you other little things to bump you up.

GOOD LUCK! You’ll be fine!

Sincerely, Liz.


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