Ask Liz

Dear Liz,
I have made some new friends this year but we only talk during school and I really want to hangout with them outside of school but I am really shy and don’t know how to ask. Can you please give me some tips on what I should do?
– I don’t know what to do

Dear I don’t know what to do,
Towards the end of the week, you should try to see what your friends are doing that weekend.  The weekend is a perfect time to hangout with friends.  During the week can be chaotic and so during the weekend, people are more available to do something.  If you don’t know what to do, you could always suggest making a “friends bucket list” of things that you and all of your friends would like to do.  That will get you to hang out outside of school and it will give you something fun to do. Don’t worry about being shy because a lot of people are.  Just try to think of fun things for you and your friends to do and I bet they would be thrilled to do those fun things.
Good Luck and Have Fun!

– Liz

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