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Dear Liz,
I am a freshman this year and I’m really enjoying it so far. I am involved in one sport and four activities. I’ve been having a lot of homework lately, and I’m having a hard time juggling my school work and all the activities I’m involved in. Do you have any suggestions of what I could do to keep my grades up and still be involved in all my activities?

-Too Much on My Plate

Dear Too Much on my Plate,
It is wonderful that you are so involved here at Seton-La Salle, especially as a freshman. It is
totally understandable that it is hard to keep everything balanced. Remember: your school work
is your top priority. Set aside a time each day to do your school work before you go to any
activities. Think of your activities as a reward for keeping up with your school work. If you feel
you are still struggling, set aside extra time to do your school work, drop an activity, or go to
tutoring at the Academic Support Center.



Dear Liz,
I was asked to homecoming this year, and I’m a little nervous. I have never gone to a dance before with a boy. How should I act around him? Any suggestions? Please help!

-Nervous Date

Dear Nervous Date,
You are not alone in this situation. A lot of girls get nervous for their first date. The thing is: Don’t be nervous! Just be yourself around him. Make sure not to be too overbearing towards him, because he might be just as nervous as you are. Come up with conversation starters beforehand, so there won’t be any uncomfortable moments. Have fun and good luck!



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