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By: Liz La Salle

Dear Liz,
Lately, I have felt completely overwhelmed by all the homework and tests and everything. It doesn’t help all that much that my parents put a ton of pressure on me. Sometimes I get so fed up I just don’t do my homework because it’s just too much. But then my grades go down. Ugh. Help!
-Fed Up with School
Dear Fed Up with School,
First things first: Take a deep breath and just relax. Every single student goes through periods of overwhelming workloads. You feel like you’re drowning in it and can’t get out. Here are some ways to remedy the situation.
1) Even though this will stink, you’ll appreciate it later… On days when you have a lighter work load, do work ahead of time. Start that book you have a report on, outline that essay due next week, do something to help lighten the load later on.
2) Stay organized. A lot of school-related stress can come from losing track of papers, forgetting books, and just being generally disorganized.
3) As for parents, calmly explain to them how you feel. Tell them how overwhelmed you feel and their pressuring doesn’t help. Be nice about it though! Getting in fights with your parents over grades and stuff will get you nowhere.
4) Lastly, prioritizing is a major help. Even though one assignment may be easier or more fun than another, do the most time-consuming assignment first! Then do the smaller assignments after it.
Hope this helps a bit!
Dear Liz,
I’m currently struggling with some jerks who think it’s just so cute and funny to tease me. No matter what I do to be nice to them, they find something wrong with me to point out and make fun of. Honestly, it really hurts. Do you have any tips for dealing with bullies?
-Sick of Bullying
Dear Sick of Bullying,
I’m so sorry this is happening to you. No one should ever feel this way. First, you should know bullies are nothing but insecure people who just want the attention off themselves, so they victimize others. Also, they may actually feel threatened by you. An age old way to deal with bullies is to ignore them, but I know just how hard that can be sometimes. Whatever you do, don’t retaliate or you will egg them on. Just find a close friend, family member, or teacher you trust to talk to about this. If you ever feel hurt by others, telling someone is always a good first step. On a more immediate level, hold your head high with confidence and keep reminding yourself whatever mean things they are saying are not true. Don’t let them get to you because I can guess that you are an amazing person!

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