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By: Kourtney Leech –

Seton-LaSalle art students are making paintings that will be donated to Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital. Art teacher, Ms. Erika Metting, announced to all of her art classes that Children’s Hospital would love to have paintings made by kids and teens to decorate one of the rooms in the hospital.

This opportunity was made known to Ms. Metting by senior student, Rachel Weinman whose mom is a certified nurse  at Children’s Hospital . Rachel said, “They would accept as many as the kids are willing to give!”

When asked, “What do you hope the paintings will do for the children?” Rachel responded, “ I hope the paintings will be something cool for the sick kids to be able to enjoy during their stay at the hospital.”

This opportunity gives Seton-LaSalle students a chance to give of ourselves to children in the Children’s Hospital and it is rewarding to do something so small to help bring happiness to other people.

Seton-La Salle places a requirement of at least 5 hours of community service each semester for all the student body. That goes to show, how Seton- La Salle teaches beyond the classrooms and building life experiences showing how much impact giving back and helping can truly do for a community.

Childrens 2

Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh is based on five principles, family-centered care, technological sophistication,  environmentally safe (green building), quiet building, and patient safety and quality. Hundreds of sick children are kept in the same building a lot of the time and just thinking of a hospital can bring an uneasy feeling, but at Children’s Hospital they truly strive to bring happiness in any way to the kids and families.

Despite dealing with sickness or injury there is a sense of joy in the Children’s Hospital. As students, we can get so caught up in schoolwork, or drama, or sports to really step back and think of how blessed we are to be healthy and to sleep in our own beds at night. If making a painting can bring a little piece of home to a child dealing with any illness, students should be more than willing to accommodate.

Cassie Manion, a senior art student, was asked, “Where will you draw inspiration for your painting?” She responded, “I want to do something fun and bright with all different colors; maybe an animal or flower or something.”

Interestingly enough a study of colors was done by  Carolyn Atkinson, Resene Colour Consultant, in 2004 stating that yellow hued colors aid in the mental processing , helping logic and clear thinking, without being distracting. Coral reds and violet blues bring imagination and creativity to a room.

We hope that the paintings  bring happiness and love to the children.


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