Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?

By: Levi Masua –

Seton – La Salle is a school that carries on a rich tradition. It’s a place where the commitment to excellence is shown in the classrooms, the field, and especially, this year; on the gridiron. The Rebels are lead by Seniors Thomas Rizza and Mike Kalnas,as well as  Juniors Adam Ottaviano and quarterback, Tyler Perone.

The Rebels have had an early and promising start so far outscoring opponents 151-26. The defense of the Rebels have really held their own this year and plan to continue doing so the rest of the season. Over the years, the Rebels have managed to start a newer rivalry with the South Fayette Lions.

When asked, Seton La Salle Running backs Thomas Rizza and Ricky Mellick both said that South Fayette was going to be their biggest and toughest game. Quarterback Tyler Perone agreed. When they were asked how they felt about the team they all had similar answers.

Rizza said, “Our team is so close and we goof around a lot so it’s always a good time. We know when to get serious and work hard though.”

Perone said “ I feel as if the team is coming along nicely and it’s fun being a starter and playing on Friday [nights].”

Mellick added “ We’re pretty deep at most positions.”

It’s safe to say that the players all have the same mentality when approaching game day. When asked about what they enjoy and hate the most, Mellick said he enjoys the games and the feeling of winning. He hates when games are close because he feels as if they become slow.

Perone said, “ I enjoy winning and then hanging out with a feeling of peace after the game. I hate Monday practices.”

Senior Rizza said “Love winning and hate losing, it’s that simple Mr. Levi.” The Rebels don’t look forward to losing anytime soon.

When asked about one thing they would like to accomplish before their time here at Seton – La Salle is over they each responded with not a sentence, but a place: Heinz Field.

The Rebels have had a great amount of success this year and each player has thanked the Student Section saying that the students bring energy that the team can live off of. With such a great start the team has left all of us in our seats, waiting and wanting more. Maybe this is the year that the Rebels bring another championship back home. They certainly have all the tools whether it be reciever McKinley-Lewis or defensive backs Ross and DelGreco, or even linebacker Broadwater, the Seton – La Salle Rebels have all the pieces of a championship team, its just time to execute.

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