Android v. Apple

By: John Kist

There are two types of phones that dominate the smartphone market, they are the ever popular iphone, and the everchanging Android phone. The RIM (blackberry) market is on a rapid decline, and Microsoft has just introduced the new windows phone 8. But for 2012 Google and Apple dominate the Smartphone Market. Here is a pie graph of the current smartphone market, and who has the largest chunks. Below are some key features that Android and Apple each have to offer.


  • Android Beam ( Instant transfer of photos videos playlists just by putting your phones back to back)
  • Fat32 File System offers quick easy transfer of any type of file
  • Affordable, android comes in all shapes, sizes and prices
  • Larger screens (up to 6.1”)
  • Multiple designs (Big, Small, thick, thin, durable)
  • Wireless Charging
  • More powerful phones (more memory, faster processors)
  • Expandable storage
  • Widgets
  • Apps that edit home screens and lock screens
  • Removeable battery cover (to put in larger batteries)

Or –


  • Great App selection from the App Store
  • Slow battery consumption
  • Smooth System User Interface (easy to use, less glitches)
  • Sleek, Attractive design
  • Unanimous updates for all devices
  • Facetime & iMessage
  • emoji
  • Siri (voice recognition assistant)
  • Safe from Viruses
  • Multiple Accessories ( Chargers, cables, speakers etc.)

As you can see both Android and Apple have plusses and minuses. In the end it really comes down to how you use your phone, and what your needs are.

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