An Educational Upgrade

By: Maxwell Marcello

Six weeks into the school year teachers and students alike are thrilled to welcome the completion of the library renovations.  However, the new and much improved the library made the wait worthwhile.

Mrs. Stephanie Schmidt, the school librarian is excited with the changes brought by the renovations to the school library.  Schmidt said, “The media center more clearly defines the new space.  Media will include print books, magazines, DVDs, and a digital subscription to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The new media center will be designed into sections: one for a classroom space, a seating area, and an area for collaborative work.”

At the heart of the collaborative work section lies the Google Jamboard. “The Jamboard will provide students the opportunity to work with their peers in innovative ways,” Schmidt proudly exclaimed.  

Because the Google Jamboard is part of the Google Cloud Suite all the apps that students have on their Chromebooks will be available on the Jamboard. The space itself will also be getting an upgrade. This platform will engage students while providing an area to relax. New furniture will decorate the entire room. With a designated area including couches and lounge chairs. “Think Starbucks,” Schmidt said.

The age of building combined with exciting new features leave an opening date to be determined. However, during the weekend of October 8, Schmidt said, “New carpet will be installed and the furniture will follow soon after.”

“Students and staff alike will have new educational opportunities in a renovated space,” Schmidt said. These exciting new renovations would not be possible the continued support of our generous donors.

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