All About Miss Natalie Parkes

By: Andrew Staiger –
Natalie Parkes, one of Seton-La Salle’s newest teachers is not exactly the person we all know and love in Spanish class. Nick Parkes, and I caught up with the teacher this weekend for an interview. There is much more to this educator than meets the eye.
Ms. Parkes loves her job, but to our surprise she never really wanted to be a teacher. “I started out wanting to be a physical therapist at the University of Pittsburgh, but after seeing my sister set up her classroom, and hearing her stories, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.” Ms. Parkes was on to a different career path.
“I won six gold medals in the javelin.” This was Ms. Parkes response when asked if there was something we did not know about her. This writer was left stunned to hear that we had such an athletic foreign language teacher.
Students feel like their teachers are just teachers, and not human beings. It is hard for students like myself to envision our teachers outside of school. Ms. Parkes can be spotted though walking her dog, Dolce every morning around the neighborhood.
Ms. Parkes is an animal lover. She and her dog have a relationship like no other. Which is no surprise to us when she said she would love to be a veterinarian if she was not teaching here at Seton-La Salle.
Several teachers at Seton-La Salle teach their children, but Ms.Parkes teaches her younger brother, Nick. “It was interesting teaching a relative. I think he would have learned more from another teacher, but it was fun.” She said this lightheartedly, embarrassed of her teaching ability.
After talking to this young educator, it was clear that she loves her job. Ms. Parkes loves teaching at Seton, and especially enjoys the kids. She told us “ I love my kids, and they teach me things as well.”
Seton-La Salle is lucky to have such a caring teacher as Ms. Parkes. She really puts her whole self into her job, and wants her kids to succeed. Ms. Parkes is a favorite among students and for good reason. She is a personable teacher, and always opens herself up to the students. Students feel as if they can go to her for relationship and dog problems. Ms. Parkes is a goldmine of knowledge on the Spanish language, and will help kids understand it. She will be a valuable piece of the Seton-La Salle community for years to come.

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