Academic Games

By: Katherine Hart

Students who participate in Academic Games, an afterschool activity at Seton – La Salle, have the chance to compete against other schools and make new friends.

 Academic Games is a high school competition that tests students on their knowledge in mathematics, language arts, and social studies. Students may participate in one to six different events. These events include: equations, on-sets, linguistics, presidents, propaganda, or world events.

“We have to prepare our students to compete by practicing against each other,” says teacher/moderator Mr. Schrader.

Students who are very skilled in a certain category may continue to Regionals, or even Nationals. However, most students join Academic Games for the opportunity to learn something new and meet friends. Academic Games, once an overlooked activity at Seton – La Salle, has grown to include over thirty students from all grades.

 “I really like how you can meet people from all over the Pittsburgh area,” explains Connor Leach, junior.

Although few people actually continue onto higher levels of competition, Academic Games has given students an opportunity to tests their skills and make friends.


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