The Rebel Report is an on-line student newspaper serving the Seton – La Salle Catholic High School community.  This publication features student generated content and offers students an opportunity to learn about journalism and interact with modern online publishing technology.

The Rebel Report is moderated by Mrs. Bridget Parker.

Editorial Policy

The Rebel Report, the online student newspaper of Seton – La Salle Catholic High School is an open public forum for student expression and provides an opportunity to discuss its audience’s issues of concern. Opinions expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the position of the school board, administration, sponsors, parents, student body or advertisers.

The following rules apply to all letters to the editor and user comments:

All accepted material will be printed as is, excepting in the case of obscenities, libelous material, length and/or personal attack. The Rebel Report adviser and/or editors


have the right to deny publication of any editorial, column, review, or comment.
Minor grammar and/or spelling corrections will be made; however the content will not be altered.
All material MUST BE SIGNED, though upon written request, the author’s name may be withheld.


Staff members will make every attempt to correct errors, and write without plagiarism or bias. If the editorial board/moderator determines that a significant error has occurred, a formal correction will appear on the site and remain as a permanent alteration to the online article or copy.


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