A Whole New World: Transferring to SLS

By: Olivia Stout

Unknown faces. Confusing rooms. Awkward introductions.

No, these aren’t descriptions of you at your last family reunion. These things are what countless teens experience every year when transferring to a new school. Transferring schools is one of the most difficult things a teen might have to do, besides passing a driver’s test, of course. So, how well is Seton La Salle High School doing at making these transitions easy peasy?

Blake ,16, recently moved to Pennsylvania from Florida and it is her first year as a Junior at Seton. Blake told me all about her “First Days Experience”. “I really missed my friends from my old school. I thought it would be awkward meeting people since I am on my 3rd year [of high school], but Seton made it easy for me to get involved with clubs to meet people.”

Seton’s endless activity’s list almost makes it DIFFICULT for a new person not to get involved. “The people here are just so nice; they make you feel welcome”, Blake shares.

Making a person feel welcome is important especially for Seton due to it’s Christian affiliation. It is our duty as Christians to share the love of Christ with others, and it seems as if SLS is doing a fine job at it!

I also transferred to Seton this year, but not the way most people do. My arrival came 3 weeks after Seton’s school year had begun. You may think, “Wow. That was probably really difficult to get adjusted” …and you are right; But, Seton staff and students made this transition as smooth as it could have possibly gone. The teachers were very understanding and the students were almost too friendly. I thought it was a joke! There was no “sitting at lunch alone” or “wandering the halls while trying to find a class”. Everyone was beyond helpful.

Maybe Blake and I were just lucky… or maybe our awesome transfer experience had something to do with the  people who make up Seton-La Salle High School.  Either way, Seton is doing something right when it comes to having good character. Keep it up, Rebels!


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