A PINnacle Season for the Bowling Team

By: Jacob Kubick and Hannah Kendrick

While the weather is  cold outside, the Seton LaSalle boys and girls bowling teams are heating up as the season rolls on in the attempt to reach to reach team playoff spots in the WPIBL. The boys varsity team, led by Senior captain Marcus Huetter, has a 7-1 record to date and has a one game lead over its rival Peters Township. 4 out of 5 varsity starters are seniors and are; Julius Riske, Josh Graham, Nick Matts, and Marcus Huetter. The last starter in varsity is Xavier Huetter, a junior. All starters are currently in the top 5 of their division for individual pin totals, with Marcus Huetter headlining the list, with Xavier Huetter in 2nd, and Matts in 3rd. Graham is currently in 4th, followed by Riske in the 5th spot.

Senior Marcus Huetter says, “Hard work and dedication is why I’ve gotten so far. I pushed myself harder and harder every time, which is why I, and everybody can succeed.”

The boys on the junior varsity team are Kenny Lydic (senior), Jaron Catov-Fialko (senior), Kyle Killen (junior), Tyler Regrut (junior), Jacob Kubick (sophomore), and Jacob Horton (sophomore).

Sophomore Jacob Horton says, “We have a lot of great guys this year. I am real proud of their ability of bounce back from the devastating loss to Peters a couple of weeks back and I also look forward to the rest of the year.”

The girls team, led by Senior captain Jessica Szulkowski, also have a 7-1 record on the season. The girls are, Szulkowski (senior), Madisyn Haney (senior), Lauren Carrier (junior), Nyaria Arrington (sophomore), and Skyler Wrubleski (freshman). The team is one game ahead of the 3-0 Thomas Jefferson in the teams standings. The teams have 2 matches left for the season. They will play this Wednesday against Baldwin at Princess Lanes in Baldwin. Then their final matches will be at Legacy Lanes against Peters Township. Good luck to all of the teams!

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