A New Start For Bowling

          There is very little said about some sports at Seton-La Salle, one of those being the boys and girls bowling teams. We rarely hear of good scores or records like most of our league sports at school. For example, when freshman Mark Greiner bowled a great game of 240 in a scheduled match against South Allegheny. The very same day, Senior Andrew Cichowicz matched that score in the 3rd and final game, very rare to see two nearly perfect games twice in a row! Mark Greiner is the first freshman in years to make the varsity team; helping lead the team to victories against teams we never stood a chance against in the past, with his newly found skills he brings to this team.
          Something most would not know about this year’s bowling team is the fact that we are being led by a new coach, John Walsh, who just about a month ago bowled his first 300 (perfect) game. Coach Walsh has helped the varsity team to being the first boys’ varsity bowling team in the past 5 or so years to be “500”. For you non-sports fans, that means even with wins and loses. The varsity team is currently 3-3 and going into a very big match against Shaler on Wed. Jan. 18th, fighting to keep 3rd place in our section. The Boys Varsity team for this match will be led by returning senior Team Captain Ryan Bernardi, along with returning seniors William Wright, Andrew Cichowicz, Ellis Lapiana, and freshman, Mark Greiner.
          Going into this match, we have 7 matches left that we must win. Although that seems like a difficult task, we are very determined and ready to re-visit teams we faced earlier in the season who slipped to win by a very reachable pin count. It was a close and very exciting match up! These teams include: Baldwin High-school, Shaler High-school, and West Mifflin High-school, with Baldwin and West Mifflin being ranked 1 and 2 in our section, we didn’t come far off from winning, and intend on winning when we meet again in a few weeks. As coach Walsh said, “Those teams have already peaked as a team, so they are afraid of what they might be faced with the next time they meet Seton-LaSalle, because we only keep getting better and better”.
          All three teams, the boys J.V led by Coach Mark Wright, the boys Varsity team led by Coach John Walsh, and the girls varsity team led by Coach John Jeffrey are all in the close fight to make it to playoffs, something that hasn’t happened for the boys at least for a while. Having been with the bowling program of Seton-La Salle since the beginning, I’m sure Coach Wright would love to see a Boys Varsity make it to playoffs since he has done so much over the years to help the many kids he worked with. I know we will see him there cheering when we make it to Playoffs!
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