A New Baby in the SLS community

By: Ashley Aiello:
After maternity leave, Seton- La Salle’s principal, Mrs. Lauren Martin, returns to her position as principal. On January 19, 2013, Mrs. Martin had her baby boy, Colin Martin. While on leave, Seton’s academic assistant principal, Mr. Brad Bernas, took over Mrs. Martin’s job and was principal.
Daniel Leehan, a junior who works in the main office in the morning and during his lunch, said “He (Mr. Bernas) did a really nice job while Mrs. Martin was gone. He was able to keep everything in order and tried his best to have the office run as smoothly as usual.”
Mrs. Martin agrees with Leehan. When asked what it has been like to be back at school she said, “It is like I never left. Everyone did a wonderful job keeping the school running in my absence.”
Since she has returned, her son, Colin, is in good hands with his dad and knowing this makes it easier for her to leave every morning. For many women who go on maternity leave, it is very difficult for them to come back because it is a big adjustment. That is not the case for Mrs. Martin. She said that coming back to Seton was not too hard because of Colin’s sleep schedule. It allows her to be able to go to bed early and wake up early enough to get ready for the school day and to get her son ready for the day.
Leehan also said that it is nice to have Mrs. Martin back. “Now, Mr. Bernas can focus entirely on his job and not have to worry about technically doing two jobs at once.”
Mrs Martin is happy to be back, but she is also look forward to summer. “Even though I do work during the summer, I am looking forward to our summer work schedule and spending afternoons with Colin and my husband and my dog.” Overall the Seton- La Salle community is happy to have Mrs. Martin back for the what’s left of the school year.

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