A Google Future

By: Ki Young Wang

Google began as a pioneer in web search engine. According to the Comscore in 2013, Google owns 66.9 percent of market share which is more than half. Not only dominating in search engine market, but also Google dominates cell phone os market share, which once was dominated by Apple. According to the Nielsen research in 2011 which was 3 years ago, the phone os market was already dominated by Android up to 50%.

Started as search engine company, now Google is deeply into our daily life. But, this is only part of Google’s business that people are able to see. They are preparing much bigger things that we can only imagine in movies or novels. Google’s research institute called Google X is developing fascinating technologies that we will see in near future. Here are 5 fascinating technologies they’re currently working on to make it happen on real world.

No.1. Google driver-less car

The software powering Google’s car is called Google chauffeur. Currently, Michigan, Florida, Nevada, and California are states that passed laws about driverless cars that actually able these cars to drive around. Other states, even if we know it’s cool to see these stuffs, they are not allowed to see on the roads.

2. Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display. Now we don’t have to bugged by holding cameras with our hands to take photos or take videos. We just have to record videos or take photos while we have Google glass on. Moreover, the image that comes up on our eyes will make it easier to direct us to place where we want to go. We don’t even need our hands to call or text message to other people. You just need to say “Ok, Google.” and say things what you want to do.

3.Space elevator


This might sound stupid building an elevator to send people into the space instead of using space shuttles. According to the NOVA, space elevator will reduce the cost of getting from Earth to space. It will also allow us to take very large payloads into space very easily, very safely. Because of that, humans might be able to build cities in the moon. Now this doesn’t sound that stupid, huh? So, why not build a space elevator?

4. New type of Smartphone

Google’s new project called Ara is making different smartphones compared to smartphones that are coming out right now. It is a fabricable smartphone which means people can customize their own specification. If people get tired of fast running out batteries, they just need to buy large block of battery and attach on the backside of phone. If they want better resolution for camera, they just need to buy better block of camera and attach on the backside of phone.And, the base price of this phone is only 50$. But, you might end up buying this phone 300$ if you keep adding up parts that you want to add.



Well, I can’t say that Google is a pioneer on this one because there are currently lots of smart watches on the market. But, this smart watch looks most gorgeous compare to other watches in the market. This watch will be available soon from Motorola and LG. Like google glass, people will be able to send messages by voice.With the New Google watch, people will able to use this as a ticket without bothering to grab boarding tickets on their hands. We sometimes panic because we forget where do we put our phones, but with new Google watch, you could easily find your phone by making it alarm or see the location of your missing phone with Google watch.

Albert Einstein once said, “ I never think of the future- it comes soon enough.”. Like he said, looks like Google made distant futures into near future. Although, it only look good with these products there are still problems with advancing technologies such as privacy issues and malicious use of information. To not make Big Brother in our life, we will have to keep our eyes on them what they’re trying to do with the informations they will gather with these products.



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