Drive 2012

By: Ryan Bernardi –

The future in the auto industry is happening right before our eyes, new designs, new concepts, and all new technology. We all may be getting used to hearing about cars parking themselves, but what would we say to cars that can drive themselves at the simple sound of your voice? Could that even work, or be safe? Motor Trends largest car and truck expo took place just over a week ago in Detroit, MI. bringing the hottest, newest designs of all the well-known car dealers worldwide to stir up the hype. Ranging from Honda, to Acura, even to luxury cars like Lexus. It seems like the new hype for the future technology has brought all touch screens, and sleeker, hotter designs to the cars we grew up with. Bringing both the gas tank and a fully equipped electric chargeable battery seems to be what our auto industry is ready to unveil.  

 The first on the lot and the star of the Detroit auto expo is the Acura NSX, bringing the future to you in their newest design. More sleekness, more power and more control is what any buyer would get out of the Acura NSX. The new look is one of a modern and futuristic twist on the body of the car, as well as the luxury interior giving the riders a feel of driving in style.



 Next we take a look at a more luxurious auto industry offering that has been on top since their start; Lexus. Lexus steals the show with their new LF-LC concept car. Still featuring with the clean design, but giving the mean look of a sporty legend to the new flashy body of this car. Just wait, if you like what you see on the outside of this car, you won’t believe your eyes when you get a look on the beautifully crafted interior. Easily capable of making any driver feel in complete control of their ride, just the way they like it.


 Finally, we take a giant step in the way of  the  future of the auto industry with a name we are all familiar with. Honda was the center of attention with their AC-X. You want to talk about unimaginable, just look at the creative flair they throw into this interior! You can forget about keys, forget about touch, even forget about the old way to driving. In this new concept, Honda has taken it far above all expectations when they got rid of old steering wheel, and added this (see below). Changing the side the driver sits from left to right was a gutsy move. Would that be hard for Americans to get used to? In my opinion, anyone could agree that this new future design Honda put out is going to be hard to beat, and is very easy to fall in love with! All touch screen and voice recognition is what places this car on a pedestal.









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