5 Interesting Conspiracy Theories

By: Ryan Kendrick

There are many strange conspiracy theories out in the world today, but recently rapper B.o.B has stated his belief that the Earth is actually flat and not round. He made these accusations on twitter, and since then many people have responded to his statements, including the creators of the youtube channel “vsauce.” 

BoB’s foolishness reminded me of some other conspiracy theories that even you might believe!

5. Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen?

Some people believe that U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew of the impending attack, yet failed to take action to prevent it. He felt that the United States should declare war against the Axis powers but it was unpopular among the Congress and public. By allowing the strike to happen, FDR had everyone’s go ahead to enter World War II. Citizens felt patriotic and nationalism among the people.

4. Tupac, Alive or Dead?

Many people (including myself,) believe that the Hip-Hop legend Tupac Shakur is still alive. The fact is that Shakur was shot multiple times on September 7, 1996, and died six days later. However, conspiracy theorists believe that he faked his death to promote an upcoming album release. The album, which was  released shortly after his death was named Makaveli/Don Killuminati-The 7 Day Theory and it sold over 5 million copies.

The word Illuminati is in the title, which brings up some superstition for some people. Second of all, it took Shakur seven days to die, echoing the title of the album. Finally, Machiavelli was an Italian author who Shakur admired.  Machiavelli’s most famous novel The Prince is about faking his death, and living on in secret under an assumed identity. Hmmm… coincidence?

3. Aliens!

It’s July 7, 1947, on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. A gianormous crash had just occurred, and the FBI reported right away to the scene. Initially the military reported that a ‘flying disc’ had fallen to earth.  Later, the story changed.  The military claimed it was a weather balloon, the FBI cordoned off an area, and this created suspicion.   Sounds fishy, right? That’s not all! When the FBI left the crash site, they brought with them multiple child-sized body bags. However, no human was injured, and the family of the ranch reports that they saw strange writing, like hieroglyphics, on the outside of the craft, but were unable to actually see anything inside of it.

2.The Illuminati, is it real?

Just about everyone has heard about the Illuminati, but do you know anything about it? Well actually, it’s a “ them “. The Illuminati is thought to be an elite group of leaders who will one day rule the nation. Many people believe that celebrities are part of the Illuminati, like Kanye West. In West’s music video for his hit song “Power,” there are many things that reference the Illuminati, including the infamous equilateral triangle that even appears on the U.S. dollar bill!

1. Did the Moon Landing actually happen?

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t believe the moon landing actually happened.

In the picture below, there are very few stars visible in the background, which seems very unusual to disbelievers. Also, the flag is somehow standing upright, but there isn’t any wind on the moon. Hmm… Finally, and probably most importantly, the recordings of the first moon landing and all of the data were somehow vanished or deleted from NASA. Therefore, there is no evidence other than pictures that support the evidence that moon landings actually happened!

Moon Conspiracy

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