5 Amazing Apps

By: Katie Quigley-

In this age of technology, our most frequently used applications (apps) can reflect who we are. A Spotify addict is a music lover, a Tumblr blogger is creative and inspired, and a Viner is funny and clever. The only issue is, all apps take up valuable storage on your favorite device. You shouldn’t sacrifice space for applications that don’t fit your lifestyle. The following apps are some of best kept secrets in the App Store and Google Play.

This app is both a GPS and a smart little insider with information about your route! Apple’s map feature can get you there but it cannot help you to arrive at your destination while alerting you of traffic, accidents, and even the best gas prices. The cool part about this app is that other “wazers” report and provide you with this information and become trusted users so the experience is very social. This handy app will help you on your travels if you are always on the go, love road trips, or simply need assistance in choosing the best path on your commute!

This is basically a “Rosetta Stone” in the form of a free app that goes with you wherever you go! Speaking from experience, it provides a decent education on languages that you would have never thought you would be able to speak without years of actual classes. Duo the owl guides you through the basics, teaching you food, animals, adjectives and so much more. He will send you notifications to remind you to keep up the good work daily. Your percent of fluency is calculated as you complete your training and the app is structured so it feels like a fun game! Connect with friends to motivate each other to stay on a learning streak!

This is definitely an app for food-lovers and chefs alike. It is essentially a food-based pinterest where you can explore and save recipes and get inspired! It features a recipe box, shopping list, smart timer, and even a “what’s in season” category based on location. This is must have for culinary fiends and would be helpful to anyone dabbling in the foodie world.

myHomework Student Planner
The description is in the title. This app is perfect for a student who doesn’t like to write things down manually but always has their device on hand. It features a clean appearance with easy access to class assignments, a full calendar, and its notifications are helpful in reminding the user of upcoming and late assignments. You will never have the excuse of forgetting to do your work again!

FaceSwap Live
This app holds no real use except fun and entertainment for all who experience it. If funny pictures are your thing, you’re going to want to download this. It simply swaps faces with whoever in in the frame of the camera through facial recognition. You can also become one of your favorite celebrities/animals by searching their name and tapping on an image of your choice. Hilarity is sure to ensue and at  .99 cents, it’s a dollar well spent.

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