40 Days for Life

By: Hannah Kendrick

The 40 Days for Life mission is to show communities the effects abortion has on their friends and families. They do this through a three-step program: fasting and prayer, constant vigil, and community outreach. They do this for 40 days because is follows along with the significance of 40 days in the Bible. They pray for many different things during this time. They not only pray for  the women and the babies that enter this facility, but also for the men who make the choices and the employees of these facilities.

Nikki Bruni is one of the leaders of the Pro-Life campaign here in Pittsburgh. She has reached out and gotten over 1300 Churches to participate in her 40 Days for Life campaign. She says she has always been a supporter of the Pro-Life movement, but only within the past four years gotten involved. She has had many encounters outside of Planned Parenthood but feels that her feelings towards this program are best expressed through her artistic work.


She has painted the ‘Memorial of Mercy’ in honor of her work with 40 Days for Life. It is a painting of the “Divine Mercy Jesus” but with the faces of children used as the blocks to the painting. It has 2470 blocks with faces because that is the number of children that were lost to abortion in 2012. Out of those blocks there are 14 stars surrounding the image of Jesus and these represent the children that were saved from abortion due to this 40 Days for Life Campaign.

Seton La-Salle is very lucky to have been honored with having the painting in its midst. The only other high school to have had it was Bishop Canevin. This painting embodies the feelings of pro-life not only from the staff but also the students of Seton La-Salle.

Everyone, who is pro-life, is encouraged to join this 24-hour vigil in prayer. Mrs. Margaret Stuart, Seton LaSalle’s 10th grade religion teacher, is a Vigil manager at the Planned Parenthood in Downtown Pittsburgh. Mrs. Stuart said she is part of the pro-life movement because she was raised to value life. She has also seen the effects abortion has had on friends and wants all people to have the chance at life as she was given.

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